A phantasy becomes reality! Thanks to the creativity, the anatomical knowledge and the skilled craftsmanship of ‚Alle Ziele‘  could we build  ARGON in a long, intensive process full of patience, inventiveness and love for all the little details that brought this work of art to life.

The next appearance will be at the 10th and 11th of february at ‚fire on ice days‘ scharbeutz

This time he will bring his dragon-egg, known as ‚the EGG‘ with him. If you are curious, come over.

We will keep you informed about the next events.

Old familiar opposites meet in the middle of the audience. Argon, an old and wise dragon and his friend, the naughty little dragon in the egg! Together they roam the crowd as a duo, as it could not be more contrasting: The slow and scary, but with his pretty sweet face also very lovable, big dragon argon and the fast, agile and always joking and naughty little dragon in the egg.