YACAISTEfestival:  August 21st to 28th 2016

Sunday, 21st of August 2016 : Vivir Con Honor Morir Con Gloria


a theater play by Tatuteatro , Uruguay / Chile / Germany

,Vivir con Honor Morir con Gloria‘ is an intense evocation of Salvador Allende, president of Chile (1970- 1973), assassinated after having been overthrown by a military coup. The texts from Maricruz Diaz talk about her own life, from the election campaign that brought Allende to the presidency, till today, with a soundtrack of songs from the era by Violeta Parra, Victor Jara and her own ones. Is it a political play? Above all, it tells the story of pain, failure of the utopia of a ‚the new man‘, crushed by the authoritarianism of a dictatorship. It points at Allendes errors, his idealism above the forces of despotism. A little more than 40 years after these events, there are generations who have no idea of this. It is always healthy to remember that these things happened in a world that is falling apart because of indifference and interests of power and materialism.

Monday, 22nd of August 2016: Point sur la ligne

a dance performance by Mahmoud Rabiey and Company, France / Egypt

Time is the result of movement, a permanent movement that transforms everything as time goes by. It wouldn’t matter if your body is still or moving as long as it exists in this very moment „Now“. We are living this constant movement, permanent transformation and displacement. Even while waiting for something to happen, it is already happening.


a screening of the documentary movie by Drifter films , Egypt

A story of an orthopedic surgeon from Agami and how his close relationship to the sea, philosophy of life, rm principles and passion for woodwork led him to rediscover his true potential away from what most societies call success routes. On his journey he encounters kindred spirits who ock together in pursuit of happiness, freedom and self-expression.Director Hani Eskander says “I still believe in the power of lms to inspire, provoke and make a change in the way one thinks and acts. With a no budget and guerilla approach to lmmaking… this lm called for itself to be done. I was in Agami, a coastal city o Alexandria, shooting a documentary about the rise and fall of the city, when I met Shahir and found myself inclined to shooting him, his story and his philosophy on life.”

Tuesday, 23rd of August 2016: Truth be told (d’après L’Avare de Molière)

a theater play by La Compagnie Divo, France/ Switzerland

,Truth be told‘ is a creation based on Molière’s play The Miser. In this project, an actress is alone on stage and plays all characters. She will make through The Miser’s story the display of various behaviors towards money by exposing the relationships of several characters – among each other as well as towards the box that contains the money. By analogy, we will think about our economic system and its alternatives. Can we, like Harpagon’s children who experiment cooperation and solidarity, propose a new approach than our actual economic system represented by Harpagon ? Oscillating between a public image and her private sphere, the narrator will reveal to us the process of commercial and political storytelling. She leads us to re ect on consumption, asset management, private property, power associated with these resources and its media coverage.


Wednesday, 24th of August 2016: MARIA LAMAS sempre mais alto

a theater play by Po da Terra Teatro, Portugal

A review of Portugal history by the eyes and hands of a great woman, Maria Lamas. Her life, her work, her relationships and her fights and conflicts.

Maria Lamas was born in 1893, during the monarchy, then she married and divorced an offcial that served in the 1st world war, she was a writer, a journalist, an activist, translator, director of a magazine for women and in other organizations for women rights. She was persecuted for her work, witch contributed to make visible the social and cultural tissue of the country in the 1940 ́s, specially the Portuguese women. She was arrested several times during the dictatorship of Salazar and she also has been exiled in Paris from 1962 to 1969. She organized exhibitions that had a great impact in the society and she travelled all over the world because she belonged to the World Peace Council. She celebrated with great emotion the carnation revolution in 1974 and she became a communist partisan with 81 years. She died in 1983, left a huge assets and a lot of published books and letters. Her name is a symbol of feminism, fight, energy and love. A woman of an extreme wealth that we consider made a great contribution to think of us, portuguese people, now. We will use her assets to understand her thoughts and we will build the dramaturgy leaving from her own words. Stories of her life with the Portuguese history as scenery.

Thursday, 25th of August 2016: Convict Women

a theater play by Kropka Theatre, Poland, Australia

A poetic exploration through text, music and dynamic movement of the almost forgotten re ections and memories – bringing to theatrical life the spirits of the ordinary yet extraordinary women. The collage of contemplations concocted from historical records, diaries and letters billed as a séance of women exiled to the Australian colonies between 1788-1850. It tells in great detail their su ering and struggle to survive the bitter alive and harsh conditions they have been subjected to. “…the often vibrant presentation of the convict women’s plight is powerfully moving, with passion and commitment pays an evocative tribute to the gruelling lives of Australia’s female convict forbears.” This history remains as a stitch in the fabric of current issues. How far have we come since XVIIIth century? After six generations of convicts, emigrants, refugees women are still being shipped or smuggled to endure unconscionable servitude in the sex industry.

Friday, 26th of August 2016: Eine drehende Reise nach Innen

a whirling-dance performance with music by Naïma Ferré, France / Italy / Korea

Even though it appears under the guise of dervish dance and in a clear performance context ,Eine drehende Reise nach Innen‘ is neither really the one nor really the other. Above or below a performance, it is an invitation to open an interior space, a solicitation to convene a meditative and contemplative dimension. The whirling dance or to see somebody turning leads to a form of both very calm and joyful inner purivication. Together, German and Korean percussionist Bo-Sung and French dancer Naïma Ferré invite you on a powerful journey, cheerful and refreshing.

Saturday, 27th of August 2016: Trip to Haiti

a concert by Licia Chery, Haiti / Switzerland

A round ticket from Berlin to Port-au-Prince. Come and travel through oceans of emotions, different music styles and different languages. Accompanied by guitarist Alex Muss (Germany)



Sunday, 28th of August 2016: Whirling-workshop | 3pm  Given by dancer Naïma Ferré



In this adventure we worked together with our friend and colleague Madeleine Bongard. 

THANKS to all our artists, who went all the way with us from nothing to a unforgettable week of ‚cultural richness and diversity‘. THANKS to our incredible and loyal audience who carried us trough the week on a wave of applause and helping hands. THANKS to our neighbors for they patience and well-meaning.