about us

we are looking forward to every new challenge, everywhere. Our products arise from a close cooperation with our costumers, aiming to create a personal -and for its use perfect- object, gadget, scene or event.
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you find us at: Weichselstrasse 46, 12045 Berlin

you want to call us: +491796686317

you want to write us: yacaiste.yvo@gmail.com

YACAISTE was founded and is organized by Benjamin Eichhorn and Yvonne Wagner, artists coming from various areas (theatre, dance, circus, painting and design) and reunited through a common sense of social engagement through art, as well with their partners from all around the world.


You wonder where the name YACAISTE comes from? It comes from ‚ya caiste‘, which literally means ’now you have fallen‘ … but this story started far, far away, at the other side of the world: like all good stories it starts with: once upon a time: there was a fisherman in Uruguay in a very small fisherman’s village close to the border to Brazil, who used to shout ‚YACAISTE‘, when he was bored to explain the names of the fishes to the tourists… and because this ‚Yaaaaacaaiiiiissstttteee‘ was often and widely heard at this little village build on sand, a young couple named their tiny cottage after that… and 30 years later, on her way along the coast of Uruguay, Yvo fell in love with this beautiful village and it’s people, especially the one’s living in Yacaiste, their variety of artistic talents, their open door for everyone and their stories … so 4 years later, when she discovered a little shop in Berlin-Neukölln, she asked for permission to use the name… when she was bored to answer the questions of the tourists, like many years before the fisherman ‚Nene’… but this is not the end of the story… and, you see, it’s more than a name, it is a way of living… and who knows how this story will continue… but for now (and for all the other stories):